Why We Need To Choose Urologist?

Why We Need To Choose Urologist?

In case you have testicular mass or pain, you ought to have a urologist test out you to make sure it’s not torsion (acute soreness from twisting that has to be repaired immediately) or just a tumor. Sure, it may be just an illness, however torsion or even a cancer isn’t something that you wish to overlook as they require immediate actions.

Sometimes it may be for a nuisance problem – or it may be a warning sign of something potentially life threatening. So why would patients not be sent to a urologist at the first sign of something serious, potentially dangerous, and obviously urologic? Your guess is as good as mine.

For the hardest problems, microsurgical reconstruction of the vas or sperm recovery could be deemed necessary as the best urologist Singapore clinical surgeon recommended.

1. Any aspect of male infertility. A small percent of male factor infertility is because of testicular cancer. This is often missed by primary care doctors and totally missed when referred to an IVF fertility doctor.

2. Blood in the urine. Hematuria, whether visible (gross hematuria) or only seen under the microscope (microscopic hematuria) is not normal and can be an early warning sign of a bladder or kidney cancer. The work-up is basic, including urine tests, an x-ray such as CT scan and a look inside the bladder with a fiberoptic scope (cystoscopy). Waiting to see if the blood will go away is not smart. Blood one time is enough to see a urologist.

3. An elevated PSA or change in PSA. The PSA remains one of the most sensitive indicators of prostate cancer of all tests in medicine. The problem is that too many doctors don’t understand what the PSA test is and probably even more and important, what the PSA test is not. Any elevation raises concerns so must be evaluated. Simply telling you to go away and let’s see how high it goes or how fast it climbs is not smart. And if the PSA starts to climb, even if still within “normal “levels, the change may suggest cancer. So any change of significance should be evaluated as well.

4. An abnormal prostate exam. Any abnormality – firmness, small nodules, or irregularities – may be from a prostate cancer and so must be seen by a urologist. Likewise, any changed from prior exams must be seen. This is why it is so important that all men over the age of 40 to 45 get a yearly exam, ideally by the same doctor. As with all potentially serious problems, if detected early the cure rate is high.

Oftentimes there are other inherent issues and thus that the infertility is correctable once the issue is treated.

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