Breast Lift with Your Augmentation

Breast Lift with Your Augmentation

Breast Augmentation surgery increases or restore breasts sizes by using silicon or using fat transfer.

To lift or not to lift, that is often the question. For the tens of thousands interested in breast augmentation surgery each year, many may in fact require a breast lift to achieve the look they’re after. Every woman wants her breasts to look firm and be positioned high. For some women, an augmentation alone can accomplish a firmer, perkier chest. For other women, a lift is needed at the time of augmentation in order to remove loose skin, reposition the nipple and improve the shape of the breast.

“The question is the ‘in-between’ breasts,” shares board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark D. Epstein of Stony Brook, New York.  “The breasts where the nipples are a little bit low, they’re still pointing forward, but they’re lower than ideal. There’s some loss of fullness in the breast up top, and there’s some bottoming out below.”

Breast augmentation is also known as boob job.

If the decision is made to lift the breast, the surgeon and patient will then need to decide which type of lift will be done. Lift techniques are often differentiated by the shape of the incision and the resulting scar. The length of the incision at the time of surgery determines the amount of skin that can be removed.

At minimum, a lift will result in a scar around the nipple. The incision that circles the nipple is known as a periareolar lift. The periareolar incision allows the surgeon to reposition the nipple to the center of the breast mound and it also allows for some skin to be removed in a donut shape around the areolar incision. “The way that wound heals is often not ideal,” shares Epstein. “Periareolar lifts sometimes widen, the scars can be thicker and raised, and I’m not a big fan of them.”

Breast Augmentation is a very beneficial surgery for  breast reconstruction.


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